New Laptop Computer Care Tips

So, you finally managed to get that laptop computer you’ve been dreaming of for the last 5 years. Never mind that you had to beg, borrow and almost steal to raise the money for it and give up your favorite latte for months now-the laptop is yours. And you plan to make good use of it.
If you are a college student, your laptop will be your constant companion when you rush from class to class. Just think of how much more readable the notes you take on it will be than the incoherent notes you usually take. Your grades should soar.

If you are a busy housewife, you can finally organize your bills, recipes, handy hints for household chores, and the ever-changing schedules for each member of your family. You will become Super Mom and Super Wife all rolled into one.

If you are a struggling writer, your articles, short stories, and even that Great American Novel can reside in nice neat files on your new laptop computer, ready for you to work on whenever your muse shows up.

All this is possible because you now have a laptop computer, and you promise yourself that you will care for that computer as though it were worth its weight in gold. (And some laptops are as costly as gold.)

Maybe you fit into one of these categories or maybe you have an entirely different category of your own. Whatever your reason for purchasing a laptop computer, it should be treated like the valuable tool it is. Here are a few precautions you can take to insure that your computer will still be there and ready to use when you need it. Read Laptop travel tips.

1. Make sure you have a manual for your new laptop.

Keep your manual in an accessible place. You will need to look into it many times during the life of your computer. Many computers today come without a hard copy manual. Print out a copy of the manual for yourself, because if it is only available on your computer or online, you are in trouble if your computer isn’t working. This goes for all computers, not just laptops.

2. Don’t let small children play with your laptop computer.

If there are kids in your household, they will beg to play with your computer. Don’t let them. Laptops are much more likely to be dropped on the floor, or used while people are snacking. If you don’t want a hefty bill for repairs, or an even greater bill for a total replacement, keep your laptop out of the hands of small children. (Or careless adults.)

3. Protect your laptop computer from theft.

Laptops are hundreds of times more likely to be stolen than desktop computers, so be on guard. I recently attended a writer’s conference and to see some of my fellow writers they leaving their computers unattended during a 20-minute break. Many were still in their cases just begging to be grabbed by any one so inclined who might be passing through the room. If you take your laptop with you guard it just as carefully as you would guard your purse. (In some cases, the laptop is worth far more than what you might be carrying in your purse.)

If you have a student in your home who carries a laptop to school on a regular basis, be sure to impress upon him that he needs to keep the laptop with him at all times unless the school has a lockup area where valuables can not be stolen. It is easy for young people to get careless and think that he can trust everyone he knows, but, unfortunately, this is often not true.

With a little bit of care, that new laptop computer can give you many years of service and enjoyment. Who knows, you may even use it to write some articles and post them here at Associated Content.


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